2023 Real Estate Market Forecast: Belleair Beach

2023 Real Estate Market Forecast: Belleair Beach

  • Adrienne Dauses
  • 07/4/23

On a narrow strip of sugar white sands, nestled between Clearwater and St. Petersburg, lies the beautiful coastal community of Belleair Beach. While its neighbors attract crowds and tourists, unassuming Belleair offers a quiet, peaceful experience in a primarily residential area. Here you’ll experience the best of Gulf Coast living with easy access to city centers and all of their attractions and a property that is a true sanctuary, whether you call your Belleair Beach real estate home or a vacation getaway.

Local residents love the abundance of outdoor activities and aquatic recreation on this barrier island. Whether you want to zip over the waves in your speedboat or slow down and enjoy the view from a kayak or paddleboard, you’ll never be far from the water. Though Belleair Beach is near several bustling areas, it is proud to be the area’s only completely residential community.

What’s happening in the Belleair Beach real estate market?

Belleair Beach drew attention during the 2021 real estate explosion and has grown in popularity ever since. Growth and new construction are extremely limited in Belleair Beach, with water on two sides and all of the available land being built on in the years since its 1955 conception. Belleair Beach homes are luxurious, and their owners are affluent. This beautiful stretch of land is highly coveted, so it will likely continue to appreciate in value.

Because Belleair Beach is a small community and one that is highly desirable, the inventory of houses for sale is always limited. Because of the community’s desirability and the scarcity of Belleair Beach real estate, homes sell extremely quickly, typically within two weeks or less of listing.

What does the current Belleair Beach market mean for you?

Success in achieving your real estate goals requires you to have a smart strategy, one that suits the current market. You also need an expert real estate professional, such as local agent Adrienne Dauses, who can help you understand the nuances of the market and help you craft the perfect plan to meet your needs.

Looking to sell a Belleair Beach home?

If you own a Belleair Beach home, you hold a true commodity in your hand. You have experienced firsthand how wonderful a place this community is to call home, giving you a private retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to receive a great offer on your home and to move from listing to closing in no time.

  • Get every facet of your property into peak condition. Update aging appliances, make any needed repairs, and touch up paint and landscaping.

  • Clean out personal items and sentimental memorabilia that make the home uniquely yours.

  • Reduce the contents of closets, storage areas, and drawers to maximize storage space (a high priority for buyers).

  • Organize the information that will answer potential buyers’ questions, including utility costs, HOA fees, repairs and upgrades made, and when major purchases, such as air conditioners and new roofs, were installed.

  • Prepare to make your exit. Do you have a place to go when your home sells? Do you have a moving company lined up?

Looking to buy Belleair Beach real estate?

Preparation is key to procuring the Belleair Beach home of your dreams. The most important steps you’ll take begin before you even view your first property. When you’ve done the following, you’ll be prepared to find a home, make an offer, and start packing.

  • Dream a little. What is “home” for your family? Consider space needs, key features, and preferences. Need a single-story floor plan after knee surgery? An extra bedroom for the family who’ll be coming to visit often? Brainstorm your list and sort it into needs and wants. Then share this with your realtor.

  • Reduce your debt-to-income ratio by paying off outstanding balances. Unless you are making your purchase with cash, you’ll get a better mortgage loan rate.

  • Determine how much money you will use for your down payment and where you’ll source that money from.

  • Interview prospective lenders and get pre-approved for a home loan. Private lenders typically offer better rates than banks, who have a reputation for tacking on extra fees.

  • Share your home ownership goals with your Belleair Beach realtor and let her go to work for you to find the perfect home.

The Belleair Beach 2023 Real Estate Market Forecast

One of the best things about islands (besides all those beautiful waterfront views) is their finiteness. Belleair Beach real estate will only continue to appreciate in the years to come. As one of the very few non-commercialized coastal communities in Florida, it offers a unique appeal. You can invest in Belleair Beach knowing you’ve made an investment with promising returns.

In the larger economy of our nation, uncertainty is still the norm, though we are in a far more stable position than we were a year ago. Inflation is being mitigated by the numerous interest rates increases the Fed has initiated. They will continue to do so as needed to help our nation’s inflation rate stabilize at a healthy 2%.

Because interest rates are so closely married to inflation, it is important to keep watch over their downshift in the upcoming months. As inflation falls, interest rates should follow suit, which has historically breathed new life and energy into the housing market. Lowered interest rates expand the pool of potential buyers, which is good news for you if you seek to buy a home at an affordable rate and good news for sellers who reap the benefits of greater housing demand.

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